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Preparations underway for Bagan to be on World Heritage list

After the three of ancient “Pyu” cit- ies have been listed, preparations for Bagan to be included on the World Heritage list have started, said Daw Khin Sandar, Deputy Minister of the Minis- try of Culture, during a meeting of Amyotha Hluttaw held on 30th October 2014.

The Deputy Minister stated, “The three an- cient Pyu cities are now one of the World Heritage. Eight of Myanmar’s Heritage was applied to the World Heritage Centre to be listed in 1996. Preparations have been start-

ed in Bagan, one of the applied ancient Heri- tages, to be listed as one of the World Heritage sites. There are numerous procedures that have to be done in applying for the World Her- itage. There are management section, territo- rial adjustments and protection and mainte-

nance both before and after being listed.”

She continued, after enlisting as a National Heritage site, the process to be listed as the World Heritage began, by doing so it would benefit in getting technical assistance and financial assistance, as well as the increase in the income of tourism sector and job op- portunities.

Three ancient Pyu cities of Beikthano, Sri Ksetra and Hanlin recently entered UNE- SCO World Heritage list on 22nd June of 2014 and that was the first time for Myan- mar to be on the list of World Heritage. Ba- gan is situated in central Myanmar, it was the capital of Myanmar’s Kingdom from 9th to 13th century and the remains of over 2,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas exist in Bagan Archeological Zone. The so-called heart of Myanmar, Bagan is one of the most visited destinations in Myanmar and its economy greatly depends on the tour- ism sector. Having a domestic airport with daily flights to and from Yangon as its one of transportation advantages, visitors can also get to Bagan by car, bus, train or water transport via the Irrawaddy River.