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Ooredoo Donates Platinum Plus Vanity Number to ICCG

Ooredoo Myanmar recently held their anual Ooredoo platinum plus vanity number auction. The charity event, entitled “The Valentine’s Gala Ball” was organised by the International Cultural Charity Group 2016-2017 (ICCG). It was held at the Sule Shangri-La in Yangon on February 9th. The revenue gained from the auction will be used to fund building sanitation facilities at elementary school in remote areas. All the proceeds from the auction will enable the ICCG and Ooredoo Myanmar to provide materials for the promotion of hygiene and sanitation to children to boost the health of children across Myanmar. New sanitation facilities will be built at elementary schools in remote and impoverished areas such as Hlaing Thayar Township in Yangon by engaging with the Ministry of Education. After the completion of this project, the ICCG will follow up on the children’s progress in hygiene practice at their schools.

Charity Safford, Chief Marketing Officer of Ooredoo Myanmar said “Our commitment is to connect with Myanmar and her people to create a better future by supporting health, education and social development. We feel proud that we are able to have such an event to sell our vanity number for a charitable cause.”