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Ooredoo Donates Over 250 Million Kyats to Drive the Education Development in Mandalay Region

Ooredoo Myanmar held a press event to share with the people in Myanmar about their contribution of more than 250 million Kyats to support for the education development in Mandalay Region. It aims to contribute over 1 billion Kyats in the whole country. The event was held at Maha Aung Myay Dhama Ordination Hall, Taung Slain Monastery in Mandalay on May 21.

Government officials from Mandalay Region, the Venerable Sayardaw Bhaddanta Nayaka, the Head Monk of Phaung Daw Oo Monastic Education School, representatives monks from Monastic Education Schools in Mandalay, Ooredoo family and the people from communities attended the ceremony.

T h r o u g h c o r p o r a t e s o c i a l responsibility (CSR) program – “The more you talk, the more Ooredoo will donate”, Ooredoo contributes 20 million Kyats to each monastic education school for construction of school building or hostel or library and laptops, printer, scanner, modern with Ooredoo internet connectivity to build computer lab. More than 12,000 students from Mandalay Region will gain for having better learning environment.

Vikram Sinha, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar said, “We are very appreciative for the initiatives of our customers and we do thank our customers for using Ooredoo SIM. Because of our customers’ encouragement and involvement in our CSR program, we are able to contribute over 250 million Kyats for the education development for the communities and now students are able to concentrate more on their studies by having proper learning environment.Ooredoo brought not only the better learning environment but also Ooredoo internet connectivity to have digital learning style. Our innovate CSR activities make a meaningful difference to the lives of the people in Mandalay and also though out the country.”