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New Yangon Chief Minister met Industry Zones Representatives

April 25 – Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Chief minister held meeting with Chairpersons, Vice-chairpersons from Industrial Zones within Yangon Region to discuss about illegal trespass and lack of electricity problem among the major issues industrial zones faced. About 40 business owners from different industrial zones such as Hlaing Tharyar, Shwe Pyi Thar, South Dagon attended at the meeting. They highlighted their issues and Chief Minister gave his promise to give effective solutions. Phyo Min Thein said “lack of job opportunities lead to trespass problem. They leave their native town on account of job opportunities in Yangon. When they struggle upon arrival at Yangon, they can not afford to a house to stay. So they become trespassers. But we cannot solve their problem by destroying their dewellings with a bulldozer. “First and foremost, we will collect the data and make a list of them. Secondly, authorities will take responsibility for land allocation. At the same time, business owners also have to cooperate to build facilities such as staff-housing. He said he do not want to be bulldozer government.

Business owners from Industry zones, said another pain in their neck is shortage of electric supply and black-outs, which are occurring regularly these days.

The need of electric supply for Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial Zone is 270 megawatt but only 50 megawatt is available, in reality. Moreover, 20 megawatt out of 50 available is generated through self-management by business owners.

The chairperson of Hlaing Thar yar Industrial Zone said it is okay for the price to go up. And we just need to get regular and sufficient electric supply.

Phyo Min Thein said “There are 15 electric generators but only half is working. We will renovate or improve soon. In the near future, rain season will come. So, we will take advantage of it and prepare to get sufficient electricity before next year summer”.