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Myanmar Beer Launched “Your Pride is within Myanmar” Campaign

Myanmar Brewery Ltd. (MBL) has launched the new campaign ‘Your pride is within Myanmar’ on November 19 to introduce the brand refresh of its flagship Myanmar Lager Beer, aiming to strengthen its connection with consumers all over the country through pride and local values, while staying true to its unchanging original taste.

The new brand identity was introduced in the market in Myanmar Lager Beer packaging and labeling of its 330 ml cans, 500 ml and 640 ml bottles and across all communications and channels, including advertising, point of sale and social media.

Hideki Mitsuhashi, Managing Director of Myanmar Brewery, said “The brand refresh seeks to enhance Myanmar pride in the choice of Myanmar Lager Beer. We stay true to our identity, the roots and core values that made us the beer of the people over the years, while embracing the future with a renewed energy built after the pride and support to each other that truly moves this country forward. Our vision relies not only in providing great quality drinking occasions, but a uniquely Myanmar drinking occasion, which we believe the rejuvenated branding contributes to”.

“The most exciting part of this new Myanmar Lager Beer chapter is that it’s deeply rooted in the brand’s customers, employees and history, which have always ignited moments of connection and pride within, specially about representing Myanmar at international stage with our renowned and quality, starting from our finest raw materials and ingredients to our high-tech and advanced processes to achieve the customer’s favorite beer”, said Mya Seine Yee, Marketing Director of Myanmar Brewery.