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Mobile Users Must Now Register SIM Cards With Government

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has announced that all mobile users must fully register their SIMs through their respective telecom operators to protect the mobile security of the user. The mobile service users who do not register their SIMs by March 31, 2017 will have service suspended until they complete the registration process. This process will be enforced for all Ooredoo, MPT and Telenor customers, at the direction of the Ministry.

Ooredoo has made it easy for their customers to register a SIM card. Ooredoo customers can easily dial *666# to check if their line is fully registered or not – it is a free 24hour service. If a customer learns that their number is not correctly registered, they can visit nearest Ooredoo Branded Store to register. All they need to bring is a copy of an ID, such as NRC card, student ID card or driving license card to the shop, and the assistant support in finalizing the registration.

Ooredoo recommends that customers keep track of two special numbers related to their phone number, just in case they ever lose their phone and want to easily replace it. Customers should keep track of their PIN number and PUK code, which are found on the on the SIM package of their newly purchased SIM card. If the users lose their SIM, or if the SIM gets damaged, the customer can use the PIN number and PUK to quickly prove ownership of the SIM to Ooredoo Myanmar to reissue their SIM.

In the near future, Ooredoo also plans to provide an even easier way for SIM registration through website link or My Ooredoo App. Ooredoo will inform customers as soon as this new registration channel is on air.