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Microsoft Signs Another Agreement

Microsoft and Shwe Taung Group announced that the Shwe Taung Group (STG) will invest in Microsoft solutions for high effciency, productivity and security in an increasingly mobile –frst, cloud-frst world on 25 November 2015.

The corporation’s digital transformation journey starts with Microsoft Enterprise Agreement that includes Core Client Access License (CAL), Windows 10 Enterprise and Offce 2016 Professional. STF’s partnership with Microsoft is a testament to its commitment to good corporate governance. The corporation has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since May 2013, an initiative to encourage businesses to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies in the area of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. The partnership with Microsoft is a signifcant initiative that underscores STG’s belief in the importance of corporate governance and accountability. The partnership will equip STG’s employees with a robust technology infrastructure that would enable them to perform with higher effciency.

STG’s decision to upgrade to the latest Microsoft technology enables STG access to a wide range of the latest software and services to improve collaboration and productivity across their organization and with their customers and partners in Myanmar and globally. Shwe Taung Group also gets assurance of software updates, which helps protect against security vulnerabilities with Microsoft Signs Another Agreement up-to-date software updates. “Responsible investment and sustainable development have always been at the core of STG culture. This partnership with Microsoft reinforces our group’s continued commitment to strong corporate governance, adopting international business practices, and respecting intellectual property rights. This allows us to better serve the needs of our stakeholders.”said Aung Zaw Naing, Group Chief Executive Offcer, Shwe Taung Group. And the he added “As a leading Myanmar conglomerate, we aim to set the benchmark for good corporate citizenship in the country and create a positive infuence on our stakeholders in our supply chain. We hope our partnership with Microsoft will further encourage our suppliers and contractors to adopt higher standards of business practices,”

Michelle Simmons, General Manager, Southeast Asia New Markets, Microsoft Asia Pacifc, stated that “As the Myanmar economy opens up, resulting in vast potential to be explored across various industries, organizations need to think two steps ahead and embrace latest technologies to gain a competitive edge as well as enable their employees to better serve their customers. This signifcant partnership emphasizes our increasing commitment to Myanmar and its transformation. This agreement comes right after Microsoft signed a similar agreement with KBZ group.