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MacCoffee Embarks on Series of Coffee O-Clock Events

MacCoffee celebrated 20 years of global success with a series of events to engage coffee lovers in Myanmar. MacCoffee aims to create entertaining and unique coffee moments that relate to consumers’ favourite times of the day to drink coffee. The series of events was kicked off in Yangon at Junction Square, where thousands of people enjoyed relaxing coffee moments in a unique cafĂ© set up in the heart of the shopping centre.

“In Myanmar, we have been producing locally made MacCoffee products and we invite coffee lovers to experience and share the joy of drinking MacCoffee at various times of the day. Consumers who enjoy the authentic strong original taste of coffee should try our MacCoffee Original and for those who enjoy a creamy coffee taste, they can try our MacCoffee White Coffee. We look forward to engaging more consumers during the year with similar events in cities across Myanmar”, said Tin Myo Sett, Marketing Manager of MacCoffee. During the event, MacCoffee Brand Representative and Myanmar Idol Season 2 winner Thar Nge performed for the crowds and engaged attendees with on-stage games which included a karaoke challenge. In addition to performances by singer Jewel, the event also featured a panel discussion involving Tin Myo Sett, model and actor Nyein Thaw and model and actress Yoon Yoon. They discussed how coffee is a part of everyday lifestyle for many people in Myanmar, how they fell in love with coffee and the benefits of drinking coffee