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Lighting Festival Held in Yangon

Beginning on March 19, the International Standard Lighting Festival will feature over 60 light sculptures including a light tunnel, a model of Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Japan’s Mount Fuji and an array of designs inspired by Myanmar culture.

With 70 million LED bulbs, Yangon’s People’s Park will be electrified with an array of activity such as selfie and photography competitions, food and drink stalls, gift shops and even celebrity appearances. Organised by the DN Development business, property and project management groups, the International Lighting Festival will be the city’s first LED light’s festival, giving a night-time escape from the heat of summer.

The festival will run for six weeks from March 19 to April 30 from 05:30pm to 10pm daily. However, it will take a short break during for 5 days during Thingyan. It is open to visitors of all ages and entrance fees will be 3,000 Kyats per person and 1,500 Kyats for students.

According to Hein Htet, Project Director of the DN Development Group, 30 per cent of the proceeds from the festival will be donated to various charities, educational foundations and schools across the country. “The aim of the Myanmar International Lighting Festival 2017 is to provide an exciting environment and engaging activities to families and students who are enjoying the summer holidays. We are confident that visitors will have an amazing experience during their time at the festival.” said Hein Htet at a press conference held on March 6. The DN Development Group has also planned a shorter one to two week Lights Festivals in Mandalay and Taunggyi which is set to start in June.