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LG Inverter Technology Event

On October 29, LG Electronics technology introduction ceremony at Lotte Hotel. In the wake of rising electricity prices, LG Electronics’ Inverter technology brings costeffective and energy efficient solutions to all Myanmar households. Integrated into all of their Home Appliances& air solution, the LG Electronics Inverter technology has the capabilities to bring positive impacts to Myanmar’s growing concern over energy consumption.

The LGE Inverter technology seamlessly adjusts output (voltage and frequency) according to its surroundings as it can run in variable speeds. Unlike conventional inverters (that only alternate between a fixed speed and a stop), LG Inverter technology can increase or decrease output allowing for optimal controls using a minimum amount of energy and electricity. In addition to optimizing energy consumption, it also operates a voltage protection mode that protects all of its appliances from power fluctuations. It automatically turns off when voltage is irregular and turns back on when it goes back to normal protecting devices in Myanmar’s unstable energy supply. These features allow consumers to ultimately save more money as energy consumption is reduced.

“Since entering the Myanmar market in 2003, we have prioritized designing products that help Myanmar families live better lives. We want our designs to cater whole-heartedly to the daily needs of the Myanmar people. For that reason, we developed our high performing Inverter technology and decided to integrate it in all our Home Appliances&Air Solution- so that everyone benefits from a more efficient and eco-friendly environment,” said MJ Lee, LG Electronics Myanmar marketing manager.