Interview with Piyamal Pichaiwongse
ILO Deputy Director

Please introduce yourself to our readers. 

My name is Piyamal, and I am the Deputy Director of the ILO office in Myanmar since 2007. I am a Human rights lawyer by education and profession. 

Tell us more about the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The ILO is the eldest United Nation Specialized Organization with mandate on labour issues. In structure, the ILO is unique among world organizations in that the representatives of the workers and of the employers have an equal voice with those of governments in formulating its policies. It has four strategic pillars pertained within the concept of Decent Work: 

1) it adopts and set international labour standards in all labour issues, 

2) promotion of employment, which includes therein any vehicles / tools that support employment creation such as skills development, enterprise development, 

3) promotion of social protection, which is inclusive of social protection/ social security and occupational safety and health at workplace, and 

4) promotion of social dialogues and collective bargaining.   

ILO established its office in Myanmar since 2002 with one specific mandate on the elimination of forced labour, and the mandate has expanded in 2012 to encompass all other technical areas in Decent Work.