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Get Ready to Run, Dance, and Party at the DJ Run Festival in December

On December 17, Myanmar will hold its inaugural DJ Run Festival in Yangon. The festival, which is organized by Hemus Pacific and sponsored by OPPO, will feature a highly energetic 5km run with live DJs along the route, spinning top beats to motivate runners to cross the finish line. Participants are encouraged to dress up, dance, and have fun while getting a little exercise. “The DJ Run unites the best of both worlds – sports and music, into one iconic fun run. The run also represents the spirit of innovation and energy of the young-at-heart, which are also the key elements of OPPO. This partnership between OPPO and Hemus to introduce DJ Run in Myanmar will bring us closer to our nationwide supporters,” says David Tang, CEO of OPPO Myanmar.

DJ Run Festival has plans to further expand within the Asian Pacific region over the next few years.

Jenny Seah, CEO and Founder of Hemus Pacific adds, “Hemus Pacific sees Myanmar as an emerging market, moving in rapid pace of change. There is also a significant wealth of new opportunities there. We hope to be the pioneer leading company to stage international events in Myanmar to expand our global footprint.”