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Ericsson Deploys Virtual Reality Training Tool

Ericsson announced that it has deployed Virtual Reality (VR) training tool for its ongoing Connect to Learn Program in Myanmar. With the implementation of the VR training tool, Myanmar is now one of the first countries in the world implementing as a professional development tool for teachers. Their vision is empowering on intelligent, sustained and connected world.

The program started from 2010 in 180 countries all around the world. The development of the VR training tool is the latest phase in the Connect to Learn Program. The tool allows teachers from 31 government secondary schools across Myanmar to practice integrating information and commination technology into their day to day classroom teaching, even while they are away from the physical classroom.

“We consider students to be the ultimate beneficiaries of the VR training tool as this will allow the teachers who are part of the Connect to Learn Program to adopt a more student-focused teaching style in the classroom. Furthermore, given the fact that the teachers can continue to practice and develop their teaching methology using VR, this will help contribute to the sustainability of the Connect to Learn Program.”

The VR training tool has four modules that are downloadable from a cloud-based server, with each module designed to allow teachers to practice methods of teaching that are more studentcentered. The VR tool also provides a mean for the Ministry of Education to equip teachers with improved pedagogical skills for student-centered teaching.