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Carlsberg Myanmar will Provide Digital Payments Collaborating with Ongo

Carlsberg Myanmar officially launched the cash/credit collection service in collaboration with Ongo, which is one of B2B digital payment services by digitizing all its payments from their customers to vendors. The MoU signing ceremony took place to mark this partnership between Ongo and Carlsberg on May 8, Wednesday. Founded in 2013, Carlsberg Myanmar has grown significantly since their inauguration into the Myanmar market and today serves more than 3,700 of clients/(vendors) across the country. In an effort to streamline transactions with their customers, Carlsberg will be able to engage them more effectively, detailing real-time information with each vendor, making every transaction swift and secure. “At Carlsberg in Myanmar, we not only pride ourselves on the high quality of our products, but the quality of our relationships with our valued vendors,” explains Christoph Vavrik, Managing Director of Carlsberg in Myanmar. He added “We are very excited about this new partnership with Ongo as it will take away all cash handling costs, increasing efficiency and improving the overall transaction process with our vendors,” 

By digitizing payments, Ongo takes cash out of the equation for Carlsberg and their customers, providing a solution for time-consuming cash handling costs, giving Carlsberg time to focus on what really matters, ensuring their customers are satisfied. Ongo has partnered with over 130 businesses, most recently adding Carlsberg to their list of growing and satisfied corporate clients. Apart from cash collection and payment services, Ongo offers their corporate customers like Carlsberg access to real time payment data and data-driven marketing tools. “At Ongo, we are proud to partner with a variety of the country’s leading businesses and our newly launched partnership with Carlsberg is no exception,” says Allen Gilstrap, CEO of Ongo. “This partnership between Ongo and Carlsberg is an exciting step forward as we continue to help businesses increase their efficiency and provide simple, swift and secure payments solutions,” explains Gilstrap. Beyond B2B partnerships, Ongo has partnered with over 26,000 merchants and 500,000 consumer users and expanded their network reach 55 towns and cities across Myanmar.