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“Connecting Myanmar with WeChat Users’’

Interview with : Matthias Wei Lian Low

Director of Paypb

Introduce yourself for our readers, please.

My name is Matthias Wei Lian Low. I come from Singapore. My Dad is a Malaysian-Chinese and my mom is from Myanmar. Therefore, I am part Burmese and I can speak some Burmese as well. I grew up and studied in Singapore and then went to university in Brisbane, Australia. I then worked in Singapore for a couple of years and here I am now in Myanmar, working on a new startup, Paypb.

Could you tell us more about Paypb?

The name of this company, Paypb was created together with one of my cousins, Ma Aye Moe Moe. We were having a chat on the mobile payments industry and in the midst of our brainstorming session, Ma Aye Moe Moe spontaneously coined the name “Paypb”. The next thing we did was to register the company with this name and thus, Paypb was born.