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APR Energy Extends Kyaukse Power Plant Contract

APR Energy, a United States-headquartered provider of mobile turbine power, has extended its 12oMW power facility contract in Myanmar into the fourth quarter of 2017, according to the announcement of the global leader in fast-track power solutions on December 22. The power plant is located in Kyaukse town, south of Mandalay city and it is supplying enough power to serve more than 6 million people.

The Kyaukse turnkey facility, which took only 90 days for installation and started operation in April 2014, is one of the largest thermal plants in the country, running on Myanmar’s locally-developed natural gas.

Myanmar government and the world’s leading supplier of temporary or interim power plants signed the original contract for the Kyaukse plant in February 2014, and it marked the first agreement between a U.S.-based company and the government of Myanmar for power generation since the lifting of sanctions.

Myanmar has a miserable electrification rate that a mere 30 percent of the total population has access, with most of the power coming from hydroelectricity. Energy consumption per capita in Myanmar is one of the lowest in Southeast Asia, mainly attributed to the low income and the inadequate electrification which is because of economic and technology deprivation.