Rangoon Bar, Peperoni Pizzeria and House of Singapura(HOS)
January , 2015

Finally, a latest hotspot appears in a swelling boomtown of cocktail con- noisseurs among the surge of expats
and newly affluent youth. Two-storey colo- nial-hip destination boasts a triumvirate of good food and booze by Rangoon Bar, in- cluding Peperoni Pizzeria and House of Sin- gapura at Annex B of Union Business Center (UBC), Nat Mauk Road, Bo Cho Quarter Ba- han Township in Yangon.
Rangoon Bar
As it is named “Rangoon Bar”, it cannot be deniable that there must be lots of glamor- ous things concentrated in this place like Yangon City.
The Rangoon Bar is split into two storeys with the total outdoor seating capacity of 38, whilst the indoor air-conditioned section on the second level sit another 12 on our high tables in front of the bar and 8 more on the 4 sets of Chesterfield sofas. Merged with Peperoni Pizzeria, the second storey boasts a sleek marble bar counter with a liquor dis- play directly above on an illuminated glass shelf, as well as galvanized steel tables for couple dining. This bar starts opening from 12pm till late.
Think cigars and booze overlooking the pan- orama of the Shwedagon pagoda melting into the distant sunset on an outdoor deck shaded by colonial black and white bam- boo blinds. Muted lighting complement the earthy tones from homely palm plants, rat- tan chairs and racing green leather Chester- field sofas that absorb upbeat tunes.
Mr. Jeff Ho, Singaporean mixologist, es- tablished this bar as the one and the only recently. He is one of the Singapore Top 25 Bartenders in 2014 and one of the pioneers of bespoke cocktail scene in Singapore.
Mr. Jeff Ho and Rangoon bar bringing Yan- gon’s first fun punchbowl cocktails serving groups of between 6 to 12 friends. Each of the six different punchbowl cocktails has different flavor profiles to attract both male and female palates, and they are all served in an impressive punchbowls with matching cups, reminiscent of the early 20th century. Apart from Signature Punchbowls, whiskey lovers can relish over a range of soon to be launched Scottish single malts not found anywhere else in Yangon, while nibbling over bar snacks like an assorted cheese plat- ter or spicy chicken wings.
Peperoni Pizzeria
With its ‘Appetite for Life’ philosophy, Pep- eroni has since evolved into a much-loved destination. This philosophy makes Peper- oni more than just a restaurant; it is a place that has a mission – to bring people together, to bind relationships, to savour life in all its delightful flavours.
Warmth and comfort of Wood fired Pizza, the traditional pastas and over chilled drinks with 1980’s music are like a match made in heaven. I am ensure that Peperoni Green- wood brought together all food lovers, includ- ing many little and big artists who adorned its walls with their expressions of love and cre- ativity. Peperoni Pizzeria, a new outlet across the sunny island of Singapore, has originally started since 2004 in Singapore.
Peperoni Pizzeria resides on the upper lev- el with 80person seating Capacity and the price range is from Ks. 6,000 to Ks. 25,000. You can serve lunch and dinner with sig- nature dishes as XL Pizza, AglioAlio, Car- bonara, Funghi, Cardoncello Con Pollo and Tiramisu from 12pm to 9:30pm. At Peper- oni, all we knead is love.
Let’s share moments of fun, energy and in- spiration over hot pizzas and cool conversa- tions!
House of Singapura (HOS)
Currently, Singapore cuisine, in its own unique and cultural way, has become well- known and famous throughout the world. It
is indicative of the ethnic diversity of culture of Singapore which originated from its early settlers, as a product of centuries of cultural assimilation and interaction. The food is in- fluenced by the native Malay, predominant Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan, and Western traditions. The globalization phenomenon on the cuisine of Singapore con- tinues to be a significant cultural attraction.
Reminiscent of a traditional coffee house, House of Singapura’s ambience will trans- port one back to the early days of Singapore. The restaurant dishes up authentic Singa- pore-style dishes such as Laksa, Chicken Rice, Char KwayTeow, and Fried Prawn Noodles. Complete the meal by pairing these dishes with some of our freshly-made in house drinks such as Soya Bean Milk, Band-
ung, and Barley by suffering piano and guitar lounge music for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You will be well-attended by bilingual staff dressed in traditional mandarin collared black shirts and you will also be able to see your favorite dishes whipped up by HOS chefs behind clear glass in the semi-open kitchen by fixed price, ranging from Ks. 3,000 to Ks. 6,500.
House of Singapura, resides on the ground level, has a seating capacity for 70 persons and for guests who wish to dine in a more private setting, HOS also offers private din- ing rooms on the second floor of the annex building, inside Peperoni Pizzeria. There is also an Al fresco area for smokers at there.