Myanmar Exports Over 90 Per Cent of Rubber Production
November , 2017

Myanmar exports almost all of its domestic rubber output to foreign countries, with 70 per cent going to China, according to Myanmar Rubber Planters and Producers Association (MRPPA).

The country is exporting more than 90 per cent of locally produced rubber, allocating the rest of a mere 8 per cent for local use, the MRPPA said. “China is the largest buyer for Myanmar rubber. Thailand also sells most of its rubber yield to China,” said Khaing Myint, Secretary of the MRPPA. About 75 percent of rubber export is done through Muse border trade camp and Chinshwehaw border trade camp on ChinaMyanmar border. Myanmar also exports rubber to regional neighbours such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in addition to China. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India also buy Myanmar rubber in small quantities.

The country produces an annual 200,000 tonnes of rubber, and only approximately 80,000 tonnes is being exported through formal trade, with the rest going on informal trade. Asian countries share nearly 80 per cent of global rubber export, which is divided among 90 countries. African countries are collectively the second largest rubber exporters in the world. Myanmar accounts for only 1.6 per cent of the global rubber production, according to the statistics released from the Ministry of Commerce.