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Jana or Food

Myanmar is an ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups official recognized by the government. These are grouped into eight “major national ethnic races” including Mon ethnic. If you are bored of Myanmar traditional cuisines which are greasy and oily, we would like to recommenced Mon ethnic cuisines with spicy, sour and clean tastes.

Jana Mon Ethnic Cuisine restaurant is where you can enjoy superb homecooked Mon meals. ‘Jana’, the name of the restaurant, means food in Mon language. It is only 12 minutes walk from Shwe Dagon Pagoda. You are going to love the use of indigenous ingredients like cassia leaf, indigenous yam, wild mango, pawn and fish salad.

The country-style duck with Harpu (sour fruit) also had a unique flavor, not too much oil and really fragrant. It has sweet, spicy and sour tasting. Lemongrass Minced with Pork and Palm Juice Fish Curry are also most ordered dishes of restaurant. For dessert, you can enjoy Steamed Sticky Rice or Grilled Banana.



It has around six to eight tables. During dinner times, there are many customers at Jana usually. Waiting time may be a little bit long during these peak hours, yet the food is well worth the wait.

Final Verdict

There has to be a reason why this place is always crowded and popular. All dishes are delicious, fresh and great. In addition, the dishes were not drenched in oil or MSG. They do not serve alcohol, but there are plenty of fresh juices available. Fresh fruit juices are also delicious.

The price is reasonable starting from 1,500 Kyats up to around 6,000 Kyats. It is definitely worth trying this place out. The boss who owns the place is from Mon state, a province in southern Myanmar and so are the staffs. The staffs are very welcoming and friendly. To enjoy the authentic Mon dishes, this would be a great place to eat after visiting the Shwe Dagon.