Interview with Dr.Yimon Aye Assistant Professor of Cornell University
Charlie Greene
January , 2018

Name : Yimon Aye

Position : Assistant Professor of Cornell University

Tell us about your educational background.

I was born and raised in Myanmar. I went through high school here. Kamaryut TTC was my high school. It was, at that time, the education was not so stable. I had an opportunity to study and take exams that are sponsored by the British Council. I was able to achieve high grades in those internationally competitive exams. So I was able to receive a full scholarship to study high school in the UK which is typically known as advanced levels. I took four science subjects.

I did my high school in the UK for about two years. After that, I was also able to receive full scholarship to study Chemistry at Oxford University in England. I spent four years at Oxford University. That was until 2004. After that, I moved to the United State of America and I also got a fellowship to study for my Ph.D. degree at Harvard University in the United State of America (USA). That was a five year Ph.D. program.

At that point, I decided to switch field to learn Biology, especially cancer bio-chemistry at the Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (MIT) in Boston, the same city where Harvard is. After three years of training at MIT, I was able to apply for independent professorship independence of the investigate position across US, and was able to secure my current appointment as an independent investigator and leader as well as an assistant professor job. I have been in this position since mid-2012.

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