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Yummy Indonesian Food in Myanmar

Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavor and spices. Now, you can taste the authentic Indonesian food in Myanmar in Ayam Penyet, a chain of Halal-certified casual dining restaurants serving Indonesian cuisine.

Located in Culture Valley (People Park), the restaurant is neat and clean. The uniformed staffs wearing Indonesian stock caps are warmly welcome the customers.

Indonesian word “Ayam Penyet” means fried chicken dish. At the restaurant, beside signature chicken dish, they dohave seafood, salad & vegetables, soups, sides and desserts on the menu.

First item I would like to introduce is “Sup Sayur Asam” soup. The ingredients are chayote, long beans, peanuts, corns,watercress, all cooked in tamarind-based soups. The sour flavor is refreshing and very compatible with fried or grilled dishes.

A variety of fried fish are sold in combination with various types of Indonesian sauce. The popular fried fish dishes are “Ikan Lele Balado” and “Kan Lele Penyet”. Fried catfish served with Penyet sauce is a bit spicy than the one which served with Balado sauce. The entire fish is fried till so crispy that you can even eat up the finer bones.

Last but not least, how can one miss their Signature dish? The signature dish Ayam Penyet is on one of the customer’s favorite list. The fried chicken is served with fried bean curd, boiled watercress, fresh tomato and fresh cucumber. The smashed fried chicken was deep fried to be crispy on the outside but you can still enjoy the tender and juicy inside.

There are more than 100 types of dishes and drinks in the menu. I would like to recommend taste Indonesia authentic tea; the taste is outstanding and different from that of the Myanmar tea we usually drink.

Recently, Ayam Panyet open a new branch in Junction City