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Your home in southern Myanmar Cinderellaof Mawlamyine

When you’re travelling here and there in Myan- mar exploring new experiences and meeting new faces, sometimes don’t you feel like you’re far away from the warmth of your home? If you ever get a chance to visit the fourth largest city of the country in south- ern Myanmar, Mawlamyine, hotel Cinderella is the place that will remind you of what it feels like to be home.

Just before you take a step inside, you will find this hotel with a fairytale-character name in its peace and elegance simply located on Baho Road. Once you enter the hotel, the first thing you notice will be the sense of Myanmar’s tra- dition and culture filling the air. Along with the hospitable welcome by the Cinderella personnel, the coziness with- in close-knit family like community will greet you as well. Their sincere smiles and tendency in helping the guests will prove you the slogan, “Superior services…not as a duty, but from the heart.” They will guide your stay in town which was once the “Moulmein” and tell you where you can find the remains from Colonial period and provide you with infor- mation about tourist attractions in town.

The hotel is medium in size with a total of 23 rooms, all dec- oration focused in Myanmar tradition yet in a sense of mo- dernity. Furniture made of teak, simply clean cotton bed- ding and traditional handicraft and artworks hang on the wall will give a glance of a simple Myanmar lifestyle. Every single room is provided, in the thought of visitors’ needs, with essential services of 24 hours electricity, air-condition- ing and hot and cold shower. Though you are in a corner of

southeastern part of Asia, agreeable Wi-Fi speed and a sat- ellite TV in your room will still connect you to the rest of the world. If you’re thinking about buying souvenirs and don’t have enough time for shopping, a mini-shop filled with tra- ditional handicrafts is just a step away within the compound. The most preferred feature in Cinderella could be its dining service. You can have your meals with your family or friends in the outside dining area on sunny days or in the quiet and grand dining room while you are served with tasty tradition- al foods or some Asian or European cuisine. The breakfast at Cinderella will be one of unforgettable meals in your journey as you’re served with care and warmth and freshness from plenty of local fruits to start your day in energetic way.

Just a click on online-booking or via telephone, Cinderella will be together with you throughout your visit in Mawlamy- ine once you step into the town. And one thing Cinderella will remind every visitor is that the sincere and exclusive service can only be felt by the sincerity of the heart.