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Yangon’s Circular railways to be upgraded with Japan’s assistance

Japan will grant US$40 million to up- in Nay Pyi Taw in March 2014. According grade Yangon’s circular-train system to the agreement, it will provide electric in- using the Control Centre System, ac- terlocking system to control signal system,cording to the officials from the Ministry of Rail Transportation (MRT). Japan Interna- tional Cooperation Agency (JICA), which con- ducted a feasibility study, suggested setting up a Control Centre System for the circular train.

Only three percent of the Yangon’s popula- tion uses the circular trains for their daily transportation needs. MRT hopes, with Ja- pan’s assistance, about three million people in Yangon will be able to use circular trains daily within 20 year’s time. The project aims to solve the city’s traffic jam and to use the circular train system more.

Grant agreement for “Project for Installation of Operation Control Center System and Safety Equipment” has already signed with JICA at the Ministry of Rail Transportation level crossing facilities, and centralized train monitoring system. The aim is to contribute toward the improvement of operation man- agement and safety of Myanma Railways as well as promoting socio-economic develop- ment and ensuring safe and smooth travel and transport of the Myanmar citizens.

It is the first grant provided by Japan to fund Yangon’s circular train system and it is in discussion with Myanmar government to grant more loans with low interest to upgrade the whole circular-train system in Yangon, according to the officials.

Since 2012, under the Ministry of Rail Trans- portation, reforms have been implemented in different sectors.