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Who Will be the Shining Stars at Starry Night of Myanmar Employer Awards

With the rising number of foreign investments, the competitiveness among businesses increase. In this situation, the engagement of good staff plays an important role in business operations. It is vital to reward human resource development and management to achieve sustainable economic growth. The accomplishment of an organization’s objectives is directly proportional to the organizational development, the engagement of professionals, salary is offered and facility and standards in the workplace.

The more popular a company’s brand is, better employees are engaged. The skills and knowledge of the employees support the running of the business. Accordingly, it is also needed to honor the achievements of this kind of companies. These are the reasons for offering Myanmar Employer Awards. The Myanmar Employer Awards are powered by JobNet.com. mm, Myanmar’s online employment marketplace. The first ever Myanmar Employer Awards started in November 2017.

Matt De Luca, Managing Director of JobNet said, “The purpose of offering Myanmar Employer Awards is that not only local and foreign companies but also government including the public are becoming aware of human resource management which is totally significant for the country’s development. Next thing is to honor entrepreneurial endeavors on human resource management in organizations.” The benefits of winning in Myanmar Employer Awards are the enhancement of company’s brand image, providing an inspiration for employees and becoming the focus of international and local investment companies’ attentions.

Unilever Company shared their experiences about taking part in last Myanmar Employer awards. Regarding to the reason of taking part in Myanmar Employer Awards 2017, Paul Nyan Myint Soe, Senior HR Business Partner Manager of Unilever Myanmar said, “There were a few reasons we entered the Myanmar Employer Awards 2017. First, we wanted to build internal company pride. And we achieved that. We made history as the first ever winner in the International category. Second, we wanted to appreciate what the Unilever HR Team has done over the years for the people in the company.” Mar Rowena Sy, HR Director of Unilever added, “And the third is we learn the best practice in the Myanmar market.

The fourth, we showcase Unilever, to know where we are, what we are, and how we are in the market.” Judges of the Myanmar Employer Awards are both local and international. They are not currently employed in the organizations which are participating in the competition. They fairly and correctly make judgements whether the companies deserve to win the awards. There are sixteen judges all together: eight local judges and eight international judges. The head judge is Aung Tun Thet, a former Economic Advisor to the President of Myanmar. Deloitte Touoche Myanmar takes part in organising Myanmar Employer Awards as a Verifying Partner to be transparency in making the judgements.

Cecile Umana, Chief Human Resources Officer of Ooredoo Myanmar, sat as a judge in Myanmar Employer Awards 2017. She advised any companies interested in participating in this year Myanmar Employer Awards, “There are lots of opportunities for both local and international companies to compete. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase what you are doing for your employees and to show them how much you care for everything what you do.” One of the things that she definitely looks for the applications is innovation. It doesn’t matter the sizes of the organization, but, she is looking for companies who want to have very innovative HR practices that they can implement to ensure that they keep employees motivated and they develop them and they provide the best career opportunities.

Myo Thant, HR director of Edotco Myanmar, also includes as a Myanmar Judge. He said, “Local and foreign companies should take part in the competition because it could offer them the benefits of branding image and HR perspective. Besides, when they submitted the applications, they should keep them short, sharp and focus and should provide supporting documents.” Myanmar Employer Awards 2018 will be celebrated with entertainment programs on November 30 at Novotel Hotel. Both local and foreign social influencers and top Myanmar employers are invited to the celebration. There were 277 applicants applying for this year Myanmar Employer Awards.