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Vivo Introduces New Vivo Y51 in Y Series

Could you introduce us to vivo’s Y series? What are some of the key features in the brand new vivo Y51?

vivo’s Y series is a very well-known as a ‘youth-oriented’ series crafted to cater the needs of the younger generation at desirable price ranges. The series is distinguished for its innovative and trendsetting technologies along with vibrant colors and design to support the day – today tasks of tech-savvy young audience. The recent addition of Y51, vivo aims to upscale the Y series with additional features to capture clear shots and deliver excellent and long-lasting experience.

Y51 features 8GB RAM+128GB ROM and a massive 5000mAh battery with 18W Fast Charge technology for seamless functioning of apps and uninterrupted smartphone experience anywhere, at any time. For clear shots, Y51 features 48MP Rear camera in an AI Triple Super Macro Camera and Super Night Camera. The Super Night mode uses multi frame noise cancellation algorithm to capture photos in low light conditions. It also features a four sets of stylish night filters, especially designed by professional photographers for vivo to shoot like a pro.

Overall the smartphone has a stylish appearance to complement the vibrant lifestyle of every user and comes into two Dazzling colors – Titanium Sapphire and Crystal Symphony.

How would you look at the journey of the vivo Y series in Myanmar starting from previous models to where it has come now?

The first vivo Y series smartphone launched in the Myanmar market was the Y15 that was launched in 2014. Since then, vivo has never looked back. As a youth-centric brand, vivo believes in the fusion of innovative style, design, and technology in all its offerings across different price segment. The Y series has been envisioned to further this approach.

The Y series has turned out to be a big hit, and all the Y series smartphones like Y15, Y21, Y22, Y31, Y81 etc have been welcomed with tremendous success and love from the youth. The journey has been quite enthralling as the Y series smartphones have met with immense success owing to their innovative features, immersive experience, and competitive pricing.

We are confident that the vivo Y51 will also achieve great success in Myanmar and be loved by the youth just like its predecessors.

What do you think is the future of Y series?

vivo has been revolutionizing the market by introducing premium and innovative design aesthetics in its line of smartphones. The Y series has been crafted. Keeping in mind the latest trends and lifestyle of the youth, and is a perfect example of vivo’s core philosophy of ‘customer centric innovation’ at all price ranges.

In the way forward, vivo will always endeavor to bring the best in class smartphones for the definitive target audience of the Y series. vivo’s Y series has grown leaps and bounds with every vivo handset proving to be trailblazer in the segment. vivo is taking the legacy forward with the Y51 smartphone, power packed with powerful camera set up, a gigantic battery, an immersive display, all wrapped up in a stunner design. The future smartphones of the Y series are bound to be unbeatable and will be greeted with huge success.

How was the Y series conceptualized for the aspirational target audience?

vivo’s ‘youth-centric’ Y series has been conceptualized keeping in mind the dynamic lives of the young generation. The young generation is ambitious and aspirational and strives hard to bring their best foot forward. vivo’s Y series aims to compliment the lifestyle of the youth and let them be ‘On the Go’. The Y series segment smartphones now come bearing features like mammoth batteries, AI powered camera set ups, mesmerising display, Fast Charge, iManager and Multi Turbo modes to elevate the experience to newer levels. Noteworthy to mention, each smartphone flaunting its unique sleek and style design.

Additionally, deeper market insights reveal a growing appetite for ‘feature-rich’ smartphones among the youth. The consumers are looking for a device that elevates their smartphone experience and is placed at a competitive pricing range. Thus, the various handsets of the Y series have been crafted after being mindful of these dynamic changes in the youth’s preference of their perfect smartphone.

What are your in-plans for the series?

The new launched Y51 is the highlight of the Y series, vivo remains deeply committed to introducing innovative smartphones in the Myanmar market and will continue to enrich the product portfolio by bringing devices with latest technology upgrades at exciting prices that are best suited for the dynamic consumers.

Continuing its journey towards enkindling ultimate ground-breaking camera capabilities, innovative designs, and ground-breaking technology, vivo aims to surprise the customers by virtual of innovative smartphones. Thus, vivo is always striving to set benchmarks with its innovative and stylish smartphones in the Y series.