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USDP Wants to See a Free and Fair Election in November

Interview with Dr Nanda Hla Myint
Spokesperson at USDP

How many constituencies does the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) plan to compete in the coming Election?

We will participate in almost all constituencies in the whole nation. But, we can’t tell the exact numbers of the constituencies and representatives since we are discussing with the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) for participation due to our alliance policy. We will soon announce the details later.

What are USDP preparing for the coming Election?

We are now planning to host election campaigns via digital platforms due to the restrictions over the Covid-19 pandemic. We will also follow the precautions and measures directed by the Ministry of Health in our physical campaigns. As we foresee many challenges now, I would say the ruling party not to take advantage of other parties by these pandemic restrictions.

There are worries that the election won’t be free and fair. What about USDP’s point of view?

It’s our biggest concern right now. Thus, we are investigating details about it for a free and fair Election amidst the restrictions directed by the Ministry of Health. We also ask other parties members, politicians and public corporations to keep an eye on UEC. We look forward to a free and fair General Election in November.