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The Launch of Rangoon Bar

The Rangoon Bar was officially launched on 4th of November 2014 at Annex B of the Union Business Center (UBC) on Nat Mauk Road, Bahan Township of Yangon. It is where Peperoni Pizzeria and the House of Singapura are also located. This two-storied building provides outdoor seats on both floors, being able to host about 38 customers while twelve seats are available in front of the bar and Ches- terfield sofas for a group of eight and above. There is a new program called “Punchbowl Cocktail Serving Group” for a group of six to twelve people.

The Rangoon Bar is under the supervision of famous Singaporean mixologist Jeff Ho, one of the pioneers of the bespoke cocktail scene in Singapore who has been working in vari- ous food and beverage establishments since 2000. Jeff Ho used to work for a French Luxury Brand and a Belgium multination- al corporation and is currently giving some regular training sessions for bartenders as well. Jeff was awarded Singapore Top 25 Bartender by Drinks World Asia in 2014. Situating at the second floor of the same building is Peperoni Pizzeria which originat- ed in Singapore ten years ago serving lunch and dinner such as XL Pizza, AglioAlio and Carbonara.

House of Singapura, a part of this bar and restaurant combination, opens from 8:30 in the morning to 9:30 in the evening, serving diverse Singaporean dishes for 70 people at a time.

The Rangoon Bar is the result of the collabo- ration between Singapore’s Les Amis Group and Yangon’s MFFT Group.