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The ICJ Affair – Part I

When Gambia first sued Myanmar at ICJ (International Court of Justice) for apparent human rights issues over the treatment of Rohingyas (illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh), NLD lobbyists boasted this as an opportunity to showcase to the world the factual happenings and evidences on the contrary. What a naive thought! Who in the international community would be sitting down patiently and idly to listen to what Myanmar had to say at the Hague!

There are so many pending cases at ICJ. So many relating to bilateral disputes. Countries only care when the cases directly affect them. E.g., between 1909 and 2019 France has been sued by 13 countries. Who in Myanmar has heard of any of these 13 cases! None! No visible media coverage on these either. Then, how can we expect other countries to follow Gambia vs Myanmar case? Why would any professional media put this up as a news headline?

Compared to ICJ, the meetings at the UN are attended by world leaders. Press coverage is significant and permanent there. If the same explanation has been done at the UN instead of being done at the ICJ, matters definitely would have escalated to today’s levels.

Aung San Su Kyi is the daughter of Myanmar’s leader and martyr General Aung San. Sheikh Hasina, her counterpart from the western neighbor, is also the daughter of founder and first President of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Between the two daughters of the famous figures, Sheikh Hasina repeatedly presented the Bengali issues at the UN, getting a listening ear from representatives from various countries as well as valuable media coverage. Myanmar leader has had various opportunities to do similar acts, but chose not to.

When Bangladesh was lobbying hard and when countries like Saudi Arabia was criticizing Myanmar, Myanmar leader failed to decisively respond to the wrongful and sometimes scandalous accusations. Instead, saying that Hague would be the platform to showcase Myanmar response to international community was at best a political spin and at worst, lying to the public and not acting in Myanmar best interests.

Now, with Saudi as the leader, the move to admonish Myanmar as the worst country who has breached human rights, has been put forward to the vote in 74th UN Assembly. The statement was approved and recorded with 134 for, 9 against and 28 abstention votes.

Even though the vote in UN may not have legal implications, it is shameful for our then current and future leaders; it caused embarrassment at meetings and lowered the image of Myanmar people all over the world. Furthermore, this fact might yet become one of the evidences at Hague trial. What public needs to know is lobbyists, with their limited knowledge and experience, may be just seeing the moon inside of the bamboo stick, without realizing the darkness outside. They as well as NLD upper echelon are abysmally short on worldly views and without a doubt, ignorant of the dire consequences of their poor decisions and actions.

ICJ and the Future

ICJ event is one just a small component of jigsaw puzzle planned out by those who would like Myanmar to become a failed state. We need to understand the people and organizations behind as well as their respective agenda, motives and interests.

The affair began in May 2011. Sponsored and supported by the OIC and led by U Han Yaung Wei, Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) Euro Burma Office was set up in Saudi Arabia. The Bengali stationed or forced out of their country Bangladesh, mostly staying illegally in Myanmar, get consolidated under this umbrella organization using of OIC support and influence. ARU’s Managing Director/Director General is Dr Wakar Uddin. He is a graduate of Yezin Agriculture University of Myanmar. He is well networked with US government, EU and the UN. Being a great lobbyist, with strong OIC support at the back, he became influential in no time. Many would have seen screen shots of email correspondence between Su Kyi and himself on social media.

Subsequent to ARU formation, the well-publicized case of Kyauk Ni Maw (in Yan Byae Township, Northern Rakhine State) took place. The domestic racial disputes and subsequent fights arising after the murder of Ma Thida Htway, spread and the external forces came into play to take advantage.

This 2012 incident is the precursor to the starting of hell and plague of the Rakhine State. Because of the riots following this incident, the economic infrastructure in the Rakhine state fell apart. Bengali illegals working as menial laborers, farm workers and fishermen ended up in refugee camps. Rakhine farmers dared not venture out of their homes to work on their land. There is no laborers willing and available to work on these lands either. The indigenous Rakhine people ended up deserting their lands to look for work in other parts of Myanmar or overseas.

Some of these Rakhine ended up in Hpar Kant (jade mining region) in Kachin State. They got trapped in these areas due to the fighting between government forces and KIA (Kachin Independent Army) rebels. Some of them eventually ended up joining KIA and set up AA (Arakan Army) rebel group thereafter.

For the illegal Bengali immigrants in refugee camps, life is not as bad. One hundred thousand or so people living in refugee camps became the good news and a newly created campaign for funding for many NGOs and INGOs. During this period, the news of Bengali boat people being chased away by Thai Navy also came up in the news. Anti-Myanmar agencies such as BBC created stories of how these people have been abused by Myanmar government and Myanmar people, trying earn sympathies out of the whole world, destroying Myanmar government reputation and the country’s at the same time.

Many organizations with the intention of helping these refugees came into Myanmar thereafter: UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, OIC, Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International, and many other INGOs, most of them with hidden agendas. Their help is single-sided upon Bengalis only. Only when local indigenous Rakhine can no longer tolerate this and started throwing stones and hurling abuse at them, they ran away from forever interfering and operating in that area. US, EU, Saudi, Turkey, etc., are the most active players in favoring the illegal Bengalis.

In fact, Al-Qaeda, Isis, and other terrorists organizations also got involved in the affair. With their encouragement and assistance, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) terrorist group was formed.

George Soros is one American Billionaire who is keenly interested in this Bengali affair. During the previous government times, he visited the Rakhine State twice. One week after his visit, UN Special Rapporteur Yanghee Lee and US Deputy Foreign Minister followed up, as if all had been pre-arranged. One of the anecdotal evidence of how influential Soros could be.

Soros even addressed UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in communications as ‘Hi Kofi’. On his wedding for the third marriage, Kofi Annan was the wedding officiant. US Deputy Minister was also involved with HRW, one of INGO sponsored by Soros. Soros sponsored many of the media organizations fighting against everything that Myanmar government did. RFA, DVB, Irrawaddy, Mizzima, local NGOs, Myanmar exile groups, local politicians, Myanmar centered research agencies local and international, media networks, all have directly or indirectly been supported and funded by Soros. These media, now made illegal by the government, are now still inciting hatred, terrorism and civil war in Myanmar. When a person publicly proclaimed: I may be a Hungarian Jew, i am also a Rohingya, we could determine how much involvement he has had in the pro-Rohingya agenda.

Each party is with their own ulterior motives and interests – For OIC it is very clear. It is for Islamization of Myanmar. For US, using human rights agenda, the objective is to control Myanmar with the ultimate strategy to control China.

—- to be continued —-