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The Best Companies to Work in Myanmar (BCIM) campaign returns!

Yangon, 19 July 2022.  JobNet.com.mm, Myanmar’s leading online job search site, announced today the launch of the second edition of The Best Companies to Work in Myanmar campaign after a 2 year break. The campaign returns for the second edition aiming to recognize and celebrate top companies in Myanmar based on employee engagement levels.

“The last couple of years have been extremely challenging, however many companies did great work at taking care of their people and deserve to be recognized for that. The campaign is based on a thorough employee engagement survey so it’s a direct reflection of the voice of the employees. There are many companies in Myanmar who have worked very hard to maintain great and engaging workplaces despite numerous challenges, and the Best Companies to Work in Myanmar campaign will offer businesses an additional, independent channel for measuring employee sentiment and a boost to their employer brand. Additionally, by showcasing and promoting the best workplaces in Myanmar that have the overall highest employee satisfaction and engagement, it also helps job seekers to identify top companies more easily.” said Matt De Luca, Managing Director of JobNet.com.mm.

The campaign has appointed Deloitte Myanmar as Official Verifying Partner; and received support from the British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar as supporting Chamber partner; CEO Business and Management Magazine, Myanmar Business Today, and Myanmar Insider will be the campaign’s Official Media Partners.

Entry Forms for the 2022 Best Companies to Work in Myanmar open on July 25, 2022, but companies can express their interest in joining the 2022 BCIM Campaign by filling out the form at www.bcimyanmar.com/participate. Companies must submit their Entry Form before the closing date of 15 August to confirm their participation. After the Entry Form submission, companies will be given the survey questionnaire to be completed before the closing deadline of 28 August. The questionnaire is 100% online and anonymous, and will provide an accurate insight on employee sentiment for all departments. Once the questionnaire responses have been verified and tabulated by the Official Verifying Partner – Deloitte Myanmar, participating companies will be provided with a highly valuable Survey Report.

The survey is divided in 7 functional areas, from measuring employees’ general alignment with company strategy to assessing the overall satisfaction with management and leadership in the business. Other parts include measuring satisfaction levels pertaining to teamwork, career growth opportunities and the overall work environment.

Organisations always greatly benefit from additional data about the levels of engagement of their workforce and an analysis of the data can provide exceptional insights into the state and trends across the organisation. This in turn can facilitate more effective HR and business strategy planning, which is something most organisations in Myanmar can greatly benefit from. 

Companies must reach a required number of responses threshold, varying on company size and on average ranging around 80% of the organisation’s full-time headcount. Those who achieve a minimum overall score as measured by the Employee Engagement coefficient, will have the option to officially be recognized and listed as Best Companies to Work in Myanmar for a given year.

If you are interested in nominating your company for the 2022 Best Companies to Work in Myanmar, please visit www.bcimyanmar.com and submit your inquiry.