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Thais Told to Avoid Three Pagoda Border

Thais have been warned not to travel to the Myanmar border area near Kanchanaburi after a group of 37 tourists were taken hostage by the Karen Border Guard Force (BGF). The group, who crossed the border at Payathonzu in Karen State, were reportedly captured yesterday by the military group in apparent retaliation for Thai authorities arresting underage sex workers under the control of the Karen group.

All 37 tourists were later released following negotiations involving Thai officers led by Pol Col Kwanchai Theerakul of Sangkhla Buri police, the Royal Thai Army and local authorities. Officials warned Thais to stay out of the Payathonzu area due to the potential for another abduction. Col Banyong Thongnuem, commander of the Ninth Infantry Regiment, said that the situation at the Thai-Myanmar border was back to normal now that the Thai tourists were safe and the border was open. “The incident was caused by the Karen group wanting to know why the Thai authorities arrested their people. “But after talking with the group, they agreed to let them safely back to Thailand,” said Banyong.