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Telenor’s 12 Million Users Network in Myanmar

Telenor Group has announced that it has surpassed the 200 million mobile subscriber mark globally on December 17. This represents a significant milestone in Telenor Group’s history across Asia, Europe and the Nordics. At the same time, Telenor is exploring new ways to sustain growth, capture customers’ attention and create value for them.

Telenor Group is currently present in 13 markets across Asia and Europe. The company established its first Asian operation in 1996. Telenor has since emerged as a leading global mobile operator. As of the third quarter 2015, Telenor Group’s six Asian operations generated more than 50 percent of the group’s total revenues and Norway and the rest of Europe about 20 percent each. Telenor Group has added more than 170 million subscribers in the past decade.

In Myanmar, Telenor brings mobile voice and data connectivity to more than 12 million customers. “Over the past 16 months, we have built significant assets to serve customers in a large number of cities, towns and villages across Myanmar. Customers are hungry for quality voice and data connections, and we enable this through the strength of more than 4,000 sites across the country today. Of our total base, more than 57% are active data subscribers; this is the 2nd highest among markets served in Asia, and strongly underscores the relevance of a digital lifestyle to more and more customers here,” said Petter Furberg, Chief Executive Officer of Telenor Myanmar Limited.

Sigve Brekke, President and CEO of Telenor Group said “Many in Telenor can remember reaching one million subscribers – a once-historic milestone. Since then, the world has changed dramatically and with it, the role of the mobile phone. Today, Telenor is in the hands of more than 200 million people from Malaysia to Norway. Telenor´s early explorers of the 1990s aspired to bring the benefits of mobile communications to everyone, but they could hardly have imagined the impact we witness now. Today, our vision goes beyond putting a phone in every hand. We envision an internet for all, and with it all the opportunities that a digital life brings”.