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Ooredoo Announces Launch of “4G Plus” Services in Myanmar

May 9 – Ooredoo announced that its highly advanced 3G network is about to get even faster, with the upcoming launch of its 4G Plus Services. “We are pleased to announce the launch of “4G Plus” services in Myanmar,” said Rene Meza, Chief Executive Officer, “This innovation is the next step in delivering the most world-class internet service to customers in Myanmar”. “Why are we calling it ‘4G Plus?” Meza continued, “4G is only one of the amazing data offerings Ooredoo currently has. Not all customers will have the 4G devices immediately but Ooredoo customers will still have access to the best 3G Data Network the country has to offer, with the best deals, and the most innovative content – that’s our PLUS. It’s world-class 4G service, plus a whole lot more”.

This improved network offers higher speeds and a better service level for a better customer experiences for mobile web access, video calls, high-definition mobile TV, next-generation gaming, cloud computing and many more services. The speed of the internet depends on many factors, one of which being the amount of spectrum that the operator has been given by the government.

The network will commence in May and roll be out across the country, starting in Yangon and Mandalay: “Customers across Myanmar are already enjoying our 3 Kyats per MegaByte on Facebook, which is the lowest in the country. There is no subscription fee when a customer joins the offer, and they can use as much Facebook as they want, 24 hours a day, and enjoy the savings,” continued Meza. “Another benefit that is ready for all users to enjoy, is the My Ooredoo App, which gives customers a new level of cost control and transparency to their Ooredoo spending, as well as access to a whole new world of innovative services they can choose from. In the application, customers can view their main wallet, and easily purchase Internet Packs, to increase their allowance and help control costs”. Customers can download the app for free from either the IOS App Store or the Google Play store, or find the link on the Ooredoo Facebook page.

Ooredoo Vanity Numbers also make it easier than ever before to join Ooredoo with the number of your choice. “Customers can now get access to the special number of their dreams right in the My Ooredoo App”, said Meza, “Within the App, you can search for special numbers and reserve them for 24 hours, to pick up at the nearest store. Customers are mainly choosing similar numbers to lines they already have, or numbers that mean something special to them, such as birthday numbers.”

Ooredoo customers have an advantage in the market, as 100% of Ooredoo SIM cards have been 4G ready since the Operator’s launch, and no tedious SIM Swap process is required to get the best internet service. Anticipating Myanmar’s early data adoption, Ooredoo implemented a state of the art, 3G only network, in 2014. “We put all of our investment into a network that would offer cutting-edge internet services,” continued Meza, “and that investment is paying off. Today, the majority of Ooredoo customers are enjoying internet services. Customers will be able to switch on 4G service in their phone’s network settings, and simply start to use it where it is available, without any extra fuss”.

This announcement is on the back of the release of Ooredoo’s first quarter results, which showed record achievements. Ooredoo Myanmar added 1.1 Million subscribers to its user base over the January-to-March period, according to first-quarter financial results. Meza also shared that by the end of March, Ooredoo coverage reached over 80% of the population with over world-class 3800 sites.

Ooredoo will be showcasing some of the innovations possible at upcoming 4G Plus showcase events across the country, to demonstrate what will be possible when access to more spectrum is eventually granted. “Ooredoo is ready to move to an even faster speed of service” said Meza, “as soon as the Government releases the next round of spectrum. Our investments are done, and we are ready to accelerate services offered to even a higher level.