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New Luxury Housing Opens at Pun Hlaing Estate

A new luxury housing development has opened at Pun Hlaing Estate, advertising affordable prices for young families looking to move into high-end housing. The new development, Lotus Hill, launched at the end of last month with prices starting at around $620,000 for units ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet. Included in the price is access to amenities such as a swimming pool and golf club at the Pun Hlaing Estate.

“This project combines together the quality and luxury, with fair pricing on the current market,” says Cyrus Pun, head of real estate at Yoma Strategic Holdings, the developer responsible for Lotus Hill. He continues, “It’s suited for the young family, or those who want a sleek, modern space to enter a new phase in their life.”

Yoma Strategic is a leading business corporation with real estate, consumer, automotive, agriculture, logistic and tourism businesses in Myanmar. The Lotus Hill project is one of several major real estate developments coming from Yoma Strategic Holdings this year.