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Mytel Launched eSIM

Mytel has introduced eSIM (Electronic SIM) for the first time in Myanmar Telecom history. The eSIM function will enable users to have better mobile performance and communication. “We can proudly say that Mytel is the leading technology company in Myanmar, with the highest Internet speed, the largest 4G network coverage and the best promotion. As a fact, we are very pleased to announce that we are the first telecom operator in Myanmar to announce an eSIM feature for our customers. We have successfully tested eSIM with many devices and we are going to provide eSIM nationwide very soon for all supported handset models”, said Zaw Min Oo, Chief External Relations Officer of Mytel.

eSIM feature is available for all eSIM supported devices so that users of such devices do not need to buy a separate SIM card to use telecom service. Consumers do not need to insert Mytel SIM card while the telecom information of users will be embedded to users’ smartphone through eSIM. Customers can install Mytel’s features into the embedded eSIM in two methods: (1) Mytel will provide a QR code, which will come in a form of a plastic voucher card. The users can scan the QR code and configure into the settings. (2) Users can download Mobile Network Operator Application (MNO) and configure the information into the settings.