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Myanmar’s FIRST TRADE POLICY Review to Share with Stakeholders

The decision of the Government of Myanmar was welcomed by Eu- rpean Union (EU) to share the findings of its first World Trade Organiza- tion (WTO) Trade Policy Review (TPR) in a public event that was held on 23rd January in Yangon with domestic and international stakeholders. EU welcomed it as a tangible sign of the country’s re-engagement in the multilateral fora and congratulates the Government in this remarkable achievement. Trade Policy Review is an important ex- ercise, mandated in the World Trade Or- ganisation agreements, in which member countries’ trade policies are examined and evaluated at regular intervals. The purpose of the event is to present and discuss with stakeholders in Myanmar about general findings of the First TPR of Myanmar on the Economic Environment and Trade Policy Instruments, the Gov- ernment’s priorities in reforms of trade and related policies as a result of the TPR exercise and the Aid for Trade coordination structure. Participants of representatives from the government, the private sector, civil soci- ety and the media were briefed by the WTO Secretariat and the Ministry of Commerce on the main findings of the Trade Policy Review and the key reform priorities of the Government. European Union Ambassador Roland Kobia commented that “Today’s event is of enor- mous significance in terms of transparency and dialogue with the business community on key economic reforms. We are extreme- ly proud of having supported it. The large turnout confirms the appreciation of the private sector and the civil society for an open and transparent dialogue on reforms”. As part of the transition process started in 2011, Myanmar embarked in its first Trade Policy Review. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce and in particular of HE Dr. Pwint San, Deputy Minister, the review was completed in March 2014. Myanmar is a founding Member of the WTO since 1994.