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Myanmar and Thailand Cooperative Meeting to Restart Dawei SEZ

“Myanmar and Thailand cooperative meeting will be held in June to restart Dawei SEZ”, said Minister of Transport (Thailand) after meeting with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on May 18.

The master plan is being drafted by Japan International Cooperation Agency and will be released at the end of May. JICA has been drafting this plan since 2017 and will finalize it at the end of May.

The project will include three phases, from now until 2030, 2030-40 and 2040-50. JICA proposes to prioritize infrastructure and connectivity for phase one, including roads, power supply projects and deep sea port. The Dawei SEZ Management Committee will evaluate the draft and submit the finalized blueprint to the nationallevel SEZ Central Committee.

The drafting of the project will be finished during May 2018 and foreign investments will be invited to contribute in the project, said Myint San, Vice President of Dawei SEZ Management Committee. The original project was started in 2008 to develop a port, a highway f r o m T h a i l a n d t o M y a n m a r , industrial zones, offices and residential buildings. However, the implementation was delay due to funding issues of the project. The Dawei SEZ Management Committee was formed on October 12, 2016 with members of the SEZ Central Committee and foreign experts. Tun Naing, Union Minister of Electricity and Power, was elected as the chairman of the Dawei SEZ management committee.