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MyanEnergy 2018

MyanEnergy 2018 opened at the Myanmar Event Park on November 29. The event is being attended by representatives of key industry associations. This three-day exhibition brought together over 200 exhibiting companies grouped in pavilions representing various countries including China, India, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, showcasing the latest products for the electrical power and water industries.

“We are very pleased to once again be bringing this event to Myanmar to support the country’s ongoing development of its construction sector and infrastructure through the introduction of new innovations and solutions. We thank the government officials, entrepreneurs and organizations whose support has enabled us to make this show a reality,” said Darren Siow, the show’s director. “With the majority of the participating exhibitors hailing from overseas, some of whom are visiting Myanmar for the first time, MyanEnergy 2018 is a truly international expo. We hope that it will be the catalyst for generating lucrative business ventures and rewarding investment opportunities that will propel this country to new height of economic prosperity.” MyanEnergy 2018 is a business-tobusiness trade show designed for key buyers and sellers of the electric power industry looking for the latest solutions, ideas and innovations and supplies. It is also the location for meeting and discussing with industry experts on ways to improve efficiency, productivity and quality within the industry, as well as sourcing for the latest solutions, ideas and innovations and supplies directly from the manufacturers. In addition, there were seminars happening in conjunction with the expo. These seminars featured industry experts from Myanmar and the surrounding regions that held discussions and presentations on the sector’s latest topics and developments.

MyanEnergy 2018 happened in conjunction with MyanWater 2018. These events are platforms for showcasing a wide variety of the latest products and solutions for the electric power industry as well as water production and wastewater treatment.