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MPT Celebrates Thingyan

MPT, the Government owned telecommunications operator, announced that 200 MPT Facebook winners and their guests will be able to share the fun and excitement alongside Myanmar’s top musicians, with special MPT back stage passes during Thingyan 2016. From the 13th to 16th April, winners of the MPT Facebook competition will get the opportunity to get even closer to rock band Iron Cross, as they dance and rock with the band in Mandalay. Whilst in Yangon, the lucky guests will enjoy the range of pop, rock and reggae beats together with modern and traditional Thingyan dance.

100 winners from each city (Yangon or Mandalay) were chosen at random after liking, sharing and changing their public profile on Facebook to an MPT themed picture. With winners having been announced on 30th and 31st March, each of the winners are now able to bring one friend and will receive a one-day Thingyan free pass for the MPT Panel on a selected date between 13th April and 16th April.

Koichi Kawase, Chief Commercial Officer of MPT-KSGM Joint Operations said “Thingyan is the biggest and most special time in the Myanmar calendar. As MPT has already secured the best entertainment for Thingyan 2016, we wanted to show how much we really appreciate our value customers by ensuring lucky contest winner to enjoy with us a New Year celebration they will never forget.”