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Min Lan Seafood Restaurant

While there are many restaurants serving seafood in Yangon, the most popular one is undoubtedly Min Lan Seafood chain of restaurants. The chain specializes in serving mainly freshly imported live seafood from Rakhine State of Myanmar. It has five branches within Yangon; Bahan, Parami Road, Inya Lake, Shin Saw Pu Road and Waizayandar Road. Of these branches, the most popular is the one located along Parami Road, near its junction with Pyi Road. The restaurant is packed almost every evening starting from 5 pm.


All of its branches have pretty much the same set-up with indoor and outdoor seatings that can hold about 30+ tables altogether. Outside seating area has fans for ventilation and inside seating area is air-conditioned. Upon entering, you can see live crabs, prawns, lobsters, shellfishes, octopuses, cuttlefishes, squids and fishes usually within the outdoor section. Waiters and waitresses are good and friendly though not all can speak in English. Foreigners typically point to the photos on the menu and order.

The Menu
The menu includes many kinds of dishes including soup, curry, steamed, fried, salad, BBQ version of all seafoods, Rakhine traditional food, Myanmar traditional desserts, vegetarian food and fruit juices and drinks. The prices range from 500 kyats (vegetable salads) to an average of 12,000 kyats per dish for seafood. Fresh seafood are sold at market prices. The usual suspects: fishes and crustaceans run out quite fast The salads and vegetables normally are preprepared before the opening time of the restaurant.

At peak hours, the waiting time can last around 20 minutes. It will be very much worth the wait. There has to be a reason why this place is always crowded and popular. All the dishes are colorful and attractive.

Final Verdict

If you love seafood, Min Lan is the place to satisfy your craving in Yangon. The food is freshly prepared, the pricing is about right and you can be part of the local crowd at the same time.

There is nothing fancy about the place, yet the atmosphere will nicely put you into the mood to savour you favorite seafood.

List of Branches

Bahan: South Sayar San Ward, Sanpya, Bahan Township Parami Road: No.16, Corner of Parami Road and West Maykha Road, Mayangone Township

Inya Lake: Near Inya Lake (near Tadarphyu Bus Stop), Kamayut Township

Shin Saw Pu Road: No.77(C), Shin Saw Pu Road, Windsor Garden Housing, San Chaung Township

Waizayandar Road: No.69, Waizayandar Road, (8)Ward, 1st Street, Industrial Zone