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Merlion Cuisine: A Place for Power Lunches

Merlion Cuisine is a Singaporean themed establishment which opened earlier this year in Myanmar Plaza. With a view overlooking Inya Lake, dining guests can enjoy authentic Singaporean food at an affordable Myanmar price. But should a businessperson add Merlion Cuisine as a favorite place to do a power lunch or to make a dinner deal? Myanmar Insider recently sent travel and culture reporter Sami Cheng to review the new dining facility. Below is her assessment:

The sparse yet simple and clean decor of Merlion Cuisine will not disappoint any businessperson looking to impress colleagues or investors with their modern sense of style. Upon entering, there is a fish tank with sealife imported directly from Singapore. English-speaking servers happily wait upon guests in their freshly pressed uniforms. The staff is very attentive, polite, and always serves with a smile. The quality of service at Merlion will help ensure that the business meeting will start off on the right foot!

The food will certainly impress business colleagues as well. The head chef, formerly of the Ritz Carlton Singapore, leads a team of 15 local chefs. The menu showcases a variety of dishes with chicken, pork, duck, seafood, and vegetables. Dishes are available in medium or large sizes. The restaurant’s best-selling items include Sambal Keng Kong (fried watercress with Sambal sauce), curry fish head, Cereal prawn, Hinanese chicken rice (white option roasted) and fried egg tofu with soya. Merlion has its own soya bean machine, so the soya milk and tofu are served fresh daily. Merlion claims to have no MSG in all dishes.

Currently, there are several promotional prices to take advantage of. Hainanese chicken rice, sweet and sour fish, Hokkien noodle, Singapore fried Kway Teow, and Singapore fried seafood Bee Hon (Singapore style fried vermicelli), is only 4,900 Kyats. Merlion Cuisine is the place to go for business meetings that require exceptional food, remarkable service, and an all around clean atmosphere.