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MEIZU Brings M3 Note to Myanmar

With the smartphone market booming in Myanmar,
MEIZU, one of the fastest-growing Chinese smartphone
manufacturers, set its sights on Myanmar as
its next key market. Last month, MEIZU announced
that its newest smartphone M3 Note, which features
4G internet and fingerprint identification, will be
available for purchase in Myanmar.
“We are happy to announce our entry into Myanmar
and look forward to playing a leading role in shaping
the smartphone market here,” says MEIZU Country
Manager, Li Xiao, adding that MEIZU “remains focused
on developing innovative and user-friendly
smartphones, which are characterized by their stateof-the-art
design, powerful specifications and attractive
prices. We look forward to introducing our complete
product range in Myanmar very soon.”
Up to 3,000 retail stores are expected to open across
Myanmar in the coming year, according to MEIZU.
The MEIZU M3 Note is available for 175,000 Kyats