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MEDEX 2018 and MYANLAB 2018 Expos

The annual MEDEX/MYANLAB 2018 Expo attracted thousands of professionals involved in scientific, medical and pharmaceutical industries when it took place from August 23 to 25 at Tatmadaw Hall.

In this year’s event, India was the partner country for the exhibition. Hosted by the Myanmar pharmaceutical and medical equipment entrepreneurs association, the exhibition showcased over 200 well-known brands from 18 countries, with many household names for laboratory and medical equipment and instrumentation.

“The MEDEX/MYANLAB Expo will provide the perfect opportunity for medical staff and pharmacists to browse and buy new equipment and supplies for the coming peak seasons. Not only they will be able to see the widest international range of products for their business, they will also be able to pick up many special offers and discounts at the show,” said Darren Siow, Project Director of AMB Tarsus Events Group (the organizer of MEDEX 2018).