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Jasper House

Jasper House sits in the pleasant buffer zone between Yangon’s Dagon and Ahlone townships. On one side lie the leafy, pleasant homes from colonial times, while just a few hundred yards further west you’ll find yourself in the city’s lively industrial district that sits near to the river.

Opened in 2009, the venue has recently changed location to its current building; an impressive 100-year old colonial building that was apparently once home to the hand doctor of a British Prime Minister during the country’s colonial days.

Inside, the owners have done a job of maintaining it in a stately way. Art adorns the walls and there’s a chandelier greeting you upon your entrance.

Despite the elaborate design, Jasper House’s prices are well considered. With the restaurant specialising in Thai food, it seemed silly not to try the Thai Green Curry (K4,200) with rice, while my friend ordered the Steamed Crab (K6,000).

The curry was just right, both in terms of taste and spiciness. I’ve had better, admittedly (there is always room for improvement, eh?), but then again, I’ve certainly had worse. For such a price, I can hardly complain. Meanwhile, my friend made what seemed to be satisfied grunting noises as he devoured the Crab.

The coffees are good, particularly during the evening, as the outside area is a pleasant place to enjoy a drink. There’s a paradise-esque and well stocked bar in the restaurant’s calm, makeshift garden. Certainly worth checking out if you happen to be in the area!