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Interview with Khin Maung Nyunt Managing director of Khin Maung Nyunt Group of Companies

Name : Khin Maung Nyunt

Position : Managing director of Khin Maung Nyunt Group of Companies


Please explain to our readers about Khin Maung Nyunt Group of Companies?

I graduated with B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry. I grew up working any job I could get since I was 9 years old to help support my family. As I got older I helped my family run a grocery store, and a bookstore. I also worked as a seaman on International Merchant Vessels for almost 11 years. In 1995, I co-founded Khin Maung Nyunt Trading Co., Ltd. with my brother Tin Maung Nyunt and my brother-in-law Zaw Win. K h i n M a u n g N y u n t G r o u p o f Companies consists of two categories of businesses—100% owned operations and joint venture companies with third parties. Our 100% owned businesses include Khin Maung Nyunt Trading Co., Ltd., Khin Maung Nyunt Manufacturing C o . , L t d . , K h i n M a u n g N y u n t Engineering Services, Finite Streak Trading Co., Ltd., and Shwe Thandar International Co., Ltd. Our other joint venture businesses are Yangon Industrial Gas Co., Ltd., MAPCO Golden Lace Co., Ltd., Golden Lace Daewoo Co., Ltd., Fourteen Star Network Co., Ltd., Fourteen Star Network Dawei Co., Ltd. (Mediland Hospital), Khin Maung Nyunt Steel Products and Galvanizing Co., Ltd., and Critical Power and Energy Solutions Co., Ltd.

Khin Maung Nyunt Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 to distribute high quality electrical products in Myanmar. We currently cooperate with over 20 world famous brands and have 6 branch offices and showrooms in the country.

Khin Maung Nyunt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 to produce electrical products and accessories. Currently we are also manufacturing Siemens Simoprime 11 kV switchgears  under license of Siemens (Germany) and have been awarded with the highest performance award certificates for the years 2017 and 2018. Khin Maung Nyunt Engineering Services provide services in power generation, transmission line, and distribution, electrical design, consultation, and installation of High Voltage Network System and Low Voltage Network System.

Finite Streak Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2013 and sells Low Voltage to High Voltage Electrical products for wholesales and dealer markets in Yangon. Shwe Thandar International Co., Ltd mainly produces various sauces under the name of Origano. The sauces we make do not include any essences and are made solely from natural ingredients.

How did you set up the company in the first place?

In 1993, while I was working as a seaman on international merchant vessels not only did I realize that in ASEAN countries importing secondhand electrical products and machinery from Japan helped support industries in developing countries, but also that this type of business was very successful in these countries. Hence, as soon as I ended my career as a seaman, I started my business in Yangon. Our business took off as we had hoped, and we were able to help support SME businesses with our imported products and machinery.

Who is your typical customer?

O u r t w o m a j o r c u s t o m e r s a r e government ministries and the private industry. What are the major products provided by your company? Some of the major products we provide are substation equipment, transmission line materials, low voltage and medium voltage switchgears, cables, control components, lighting products and accessories, testing and measuring instruments, Air compressors, motors and machine tools.

How do you ensure quality of your products?

The products we provide are from brands that are widely known around the world, such as Siemens (Germany), Fuji (Japan), Honeywell (USA), and are manufactured in compliance international standards, What is your competitive strategy? With so many brands and products in the market, after-sales services have become a necessity in fulfilling our customers’ needs. As such, we emphasize on providing the most reliable after-sales services for all the products we sell.

How do you typically market foreign brands in the local market?

We only distribute reliable and authentic products in the local market by offering competitive pricing and quality aftersales services.

How do you maintain long-term partnerships with many wellknown electrical companies based in foreign countries such as Siemens?

Honesty is the key to maintain longterm partnerships. We are transparent with our operations and we support each other in reaching our goals.

What is your view on Myanmar electrical products and machinery sector?

As many areas in the country still do not have access to electricity, there is still a huge opportunity in the electrical industry. Electricity is a necessary infrastructure for the development of our country. Due to insufficient electricity, a lot of foreign investors are hesitating to make investments in Myanmar.

How are you playing a part in helping local communities as part of your CSR?

We are in the process of setting up a recycling system to reduce waste and to raise awareness within our company staff. In addition, we are planning to establish electrical training schools to improve the quality of engineers in the community.

What are your future plans?

As mentioned earlier, electricity plays a vital role in developing our country. The technical advancement of our electrical industry is reliant on the youth of Myanmar and their ability to retain the skill sets, knowledge, experience necessary.

From a business standpoint, what are the biggest challenges facing your companies in next 1-3 years?

Our country’s economy has been going downstream for the past two years.We have to consider how to overcome this situation if it continues in the next two years.With a lot of other electrical product and service providers in the market, we have to figure out how to keep a competitive edge over the other companies.

If you could make one major change to any government policy, what would it be?

I hope that our country will adopt an appropriate tax policy.