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Grab Introduces Two New Features

On October 9, Grab launched MultiStop Rides, a new feature that enables passengers to add one extra stop to their Grab Taxi ride for passengers and Driver Trip Feedback for driver partners. Passengers can now book a Grab Taxi ride with up to two stops per trip, and see the total fixed fare upfront before confirming the booking.

At times, a friend may want to pick up a passenger along the way, or a relative may wish to send their loved one home safely. With Multi-Stop Rides, Grab has made it more convenient for passengers to customize their routes based on their needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing the additional distance is automatically included in the upfront fare listed in the app.

Grab driver-partners will be notified of both stops, giving them better visibility of the passengers’ intended journey and the total trip fare. The total fare takes into account the distance travelled for both stops, based on the order of the stops. Switching the order of the stops will affect the total distance and trip fare. Hence, passengers will not be allowed to add, change or remove an extra stop while the Grab Taxi ride is in transit. Grab Taxi driver-partners will follow the original order and will wait up to a maximum of 5 minutes at the first stop. Grab values feedback from its driverpartner community. Driver Trip Feedback allows Grab Taxi driverpartners to share their feedback after each completed trip, enabling Grab to better track driver satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. Grab announced last month it is committing $100 million over the next three years to deepen its presence in Myanmar. Grab will expand its ridehailing services to more cities across the country, roll out other products from the Grab suite, including Grab Pay, and build a team of up to 200 leading local talents to manage these expansion efforts.

Since launching in Yangon in March 2017, Grab has become by far the leading ride-hailing provider with 25,000 unique bookings on the platform every single day and more than 6,000 screened and licensed drivers across the city, all of whom have been trained to ensure consistently high service standards. According to a global market research firm, Grab is the brand that is used most often in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, compared to other ride-hailing apps and taxi booking apps.