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For the Sake of Future Generations

Myanmar is on the path to reach the bargain basement in the rock bottom in the ranking of the league of nations. From the country with the most potential in 2013/14 to now a wimp where even the smallest nation within ASEAN would dare interfere in its internal affairs. Even the recently independent nation with smallest GDP within ASEAN would dare offer refuge to confirmed terrorists acting against the country. How could we fall so low from grace within one generation! At this rate, ministers from ASEAN nations would be kicking the butt of Myanmar leaders within the next generation or so, literally, at the official meetings.

From being the top in the region in education, healthcare, public housing, or visitors, 50+ years ago, to now being at the derriere of every measurable statistics, we need to make wholesale changes now, or forever be buried in the annals of civilisation. Just look at tourist arrivals as an example, what are we selling other than pagodas (history) and culture? Compare with other regional countries, what fun activities can the tourist do here! Do we have a culture we can be proud of? Just look at Facebook postings and comments by the youth of Myanmar. We would see our proud culture there!

Instead of staying unprejudiced, let alone being supportive, on the efforts of government, these countries tried to undermine Myanmar development further through closure of bank accounts held by Myanmar citizens and local and foreign owned businesses operating in and out of Myanmar. Terrorists who killed Li Li Naing Kyaw (singer), or an ex ambassador, get sympathies from them, yet the current government get ignominious treatment.

King Bayint Naung and Alaung Payar could die again from exasperation if they witness the present circumstances that the country they founded in facing. We are in here, because we let people bully us. We let ourselves down. We become gratified in our little world, sitting back, relaxing and basking in the past glory. Senior civil servants became corrupt instead of becoming role models. Incompetent people became heads of departments or units. Proficiency, expertise and skills took a back seat and fighting spirit is frowned upon in favour of being submissive, even if one is right. This cancer culture spread to international relations, hence the current midget status in the world.

So what is the solution… Simple yet effective actions would bring us up in no time.

I. the

Myanmar leaders and senior civil servants have the knack for leaving hard to do stuff for others. ‘Let the next government sort this issue out’ can no longer be the slogan. Even if President Thein Sein made the wrong judgement of abandoning the Myit Sone dam and even if NLD administration did nothing to upgrade the power sector, we must do it now, so that we would be electricity sufficient ten years down the road. Bring the hydro back, backed up by nuclear. Else we would never get out of this third world trap.

II. Focus on producing

If you want to be rich, you must produce or build something. China becomes so wealthy because it becomes the world’s factory. Be it agriculture produce, livestock, clothes, process foods, buildings or even journals, we need to make something. Just as a rich man would always look down on a poor person, a richer nation would always look down upon a poorer state. So we need to start producing and making things. The whole population must work hard and work smart, to support this strategy. Sitting at tea shop the whole day and talking nonsense would not make the country rich.

III. Build the next generation of

We need to copy China and India, in how they are handling international affairs and responding to interference and bullying from the West. Their own packs of wolf warriors are unafraid to fight it out in front of an international audience or press corp. ‘The Future Belongs to the Braves’, Reagan had said. Myanmar leaders should rid of people who occupy positions of power, yet hide behind a desk and not done anything productive, other than attending ceremonies and events! What a waste of the country’s resources. We need to give younger generation, who are willing to stand up for the country and be counted, a chance to bring Myanmar up.

IV. Effective

Law enforcement in Myanmar is a joke, most of the time. People can slander you, disparage you online many times over, yet the punishment is miniscule. Some restaurants are blatantly avoiding paying commercial taxes, yet no raids of any kind has ever taken place. Even criminal offences do not get traction without paying off judges or government lawyers or police officers. Without effective law enforcement, regardless of how comprehensive the laws are, people would continue to commit the offences, ‘sans chatiment’.

As Steve Jobs said, “You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. It’s worth in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains”. Get this four simple things going  with the brave men and women and Myanmar would get the respect it deserves, in this vicious and cut throat world of international relations.