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Fastest Mobile Network 4G Speeds Available on Ooredoo

Ooredoo Myanmar offers the fastest network speeds available in Myanmar according to Ookla®, the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis. Between January through June 2018, Speedtest users initiated 149,413 tests on 4G-avaliable devices across Myanmar. Ookla conducts rigorous analysis on the consumer-initiated tests and Ooredoo users provided results in 282 localities. Ooredoo achieved the highest average download speeds of tests taken on 4Gavailable devices among all the top mobile network operators in Myanmar. The average speeds were 38.23 Mbps for downloads and 20.65 Mbps for uploads. Vikram Sinha, Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Myanmar said, “Our investments in the network continue to help us to make the fastest available speeds a daily reality for people in Myanmar. This achievement validates our efforts to deliver the best possible experience for our customers.” He added, “We’re always working to be at the cutting-edge of both technology and innovation, focusing on improving our customers’ satisfaction. Our goal is to help enrich the digital lives of M y a n m a r ’ s p e o p l e bringing them innovative products with relevant, shareable content and a superior data experience which helps them to enjoy the internet even more every day.” Ooredoo was the first operator to launch 4G services in the country and has continued to upgrade network sites across the country to boost speed. In June 2018, it announced the successful rollout of its 4G Plus network across 244 townships in Myanmar. As part of a major network and infrastructure project set to offer the widest and fastest 4G plus network in the country, it will expand it 4G Plus network to 300 townships by October 2018. Currently, more than 16 million people are able to access its 4G network; and continuously growing as people clamour for faster mobile network speed. As a testament to its efforts, Ooredoo Myanmar received “the most innovative network transformation initiative” award in the 21th Telecom Asia Awards in July 2018 for its initiatives on the improvement of network coverage and speed.