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Exploring Myeik Archipelago

Nowadays, Myeik Archipelago’s popularity is growing among tourists. Its virgin beaches and unspoiled environment are attracting the tourists. Myeik Archipelago, home to Sea

Gypsies, is also rich in natural resources including precious Myanmar’s Pearl.


Myeik Archipelago is located in Adaman Sea, the Southern part of Myanmar. It has over 800 islands differing in size and stretches an area of 10,000 square miles. Many wild animals, birds, aquatic species and colorful coral reef are also existed.

 Beautiful sights in Myeik Archipelago

Kho Yin Khwa Kyunn (Macleod Island) is good for bird watching. Bo Ywe Island is famous for its magnificent waterfall, which is existed in western shore. Nga Mann is popular for both coral reefs and fascinating dive site. There have many famous dive sites in Myeik Archipelago. Western Rocky Island is also known as Limestone Island. This island can offer fascinating underwater view and have small caverns and a huge archway. The Burma Bank which possesses good shape coral is another famous dive site. Fan forest Pinnacle is well known for black Coral and large barrel sponges. Near Black Rock Island, there have some species of sharks. Shark Cave Island, North Twin Island, North Twin Plateaus are also fa- mous dive sites.

Things we can do in Myeik Archipelago

Like any other beaches, you can swim and dive but the difference is you can swim in crystal clear water. You can snorkel and watch under water beauty of variety of fishes swimming reef to reef. Walking on white and sandy beaches is also the best feeling and collects the shells that are still alive. You can feel the beaches in Archipelago are almost alive. If you are interested in wild- life and birds, Myeik Archipelago is also suit for you because most of the islands are covered with rainforest where you can watch tropical birds including hornbills and wild swine and barking deer, flying Lima, flying foxes and leatherback turtles. Many people think sharks are dangerous animals but people who want to scuba dive do not need to worry about sharks here be- cause sharks there are not dangerous. They are a bit shy and stay away from people. Three kinds of shark species you can watch in Myeik Archipelago are Whitetip, Tawny nurse and Silvertip sharks. In addition to many normal things that can be done in other beaches and islands, you can taste salon traditional cruises and study their extraordinary living styles that are very different. According to surveys on the Internet many tourists who have been to Myeik Archipelago want to experience these cruises and they actually enjoyed them. If you want to relax without irruption and peace, the place you should choose is Myeik Archipelago. Many of islands in this archipelago are secluded.


Many people are worried about accommod ation when they are planning for a trip. In Myeik Archipelago, Andaman resort offers accommodation for visitors. The cost for per person is US$275 per night which is quite expensive by international standard


The tourists from Thailand can visit to Myeik Archipelago through Ranoung, Myanmar-Thailand border. There are daily flight except Saturday from Yangon to Myeik with different airlines and there are also weekday flights from Yangon to Kawthaung. Live aboard trips to Myeik Archipelago are also very popular among tourists. From Kawthaung, you travel around Myeik Archipela- go with boats. Liveaboard trip have different kinds of packages such as 3 days 2 nights, 5 days 4 nights, etc. The price for 3 days 2 nights is US$984 per person.

Tourists are also required to pay US$80- 100 as zone fee. The best times to visit Myeik Archipelago are between October to April.