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EuroCham Launches Business Confidence Survey 2017 and Business Guides 2018

On the occasion of the official launch of EuroCham Myanmar’s 2nd edition Business Confidence Survey and Business Guides, the European Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar invited all EU member state representatives, EU delegation, EU companies and chambers, as well as its trade promotion partners from DICA and many more to Melia Hotel on December 14, 2017.

The content of the Business survey provides essential information for shortterm forecasting, economic surveillance and economic research. Moreover, they are widely used to detect turning points in the economic cycle.

The data generated through this second Business Confidence Survey is particularly useful for monitoring economic developments in Myanmar, which will be facilitated by publishing the results on an annual basis.

The objectives of business confidence survey are to measure European business sentiment towards Myanmar’s economy, get an overview of sector representation of European companies in Myanmar, investigate the issues and concerns faced in Myanmar by European businesses, budget 2016–2017 and impact of economic restructuring, plot 2017–2018 investments, business strategies, expansions and manpower and detect ongoing trends based on the experiences of European companies.

Following the opening remarks by David Levrat, Chairman EuroCham Myanmar, speeches were given by Than Aung Kyaw, Deputy Director General, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Ministry of Planning and Finance and Pedro Campo Llopis, Deputy Head of Cooperation, European Union Delegation to Myanmar.

Filip Lauwerysen, Executive Director EuroCham Myanmar, presented the key findings from the Business Confidence Survey, the Business Guide and the five sectoral guides (on agriculture, consumer goods, energy, health and manufacturing) which provide entrylevel information to European companies planning to invest in Myanmar.

In a panel discussion, Than Aung Kyaw, Deputy Director General, DICA, Martin Klose, Delegate of German Industry and Commerce in Myanmar and Executive Director of the German Myanmar Business Chamber, Paolo Arnello, Executive Director Camera di Commercio Italia Myanmar (Italian Chamber in Myanmar) and Guillaume Rebiere, Executive Director CCI France Myanmar participated. Business Confidence Survey 2017 and Business Guides 2018 is available on EuroCham Myanmar website with free of charge.