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Bad Weather Caused Military Aircraft Crash

Bad weather caused the deadly crash of Chinese-made military aircraft into the Andamen Sea. Investigators have found out the reason of crash from the black box and cockpit voice recorder that they have retrieved from the seabed. A team of investigators including Australian air force, Myanmar military and civilian officials concluded that pilots lost control of the aircraft after they entered into the thick cloud. Ice was formed in the engine’s air intake and sudden crosswinds hit the plane. Shaanxi Y-8 aircraft of the Myanmar Air Force was made in China. It had been sent to Myanmar from China on March, 2016 and it had flown over 800 hours till the last flight. It crashed on the flight from Myeik to Yangon on June, 7. It was carrying 122 passengers and 14 were crew, on board and lost the contact after taking off from the coastal of Myeik at 1:35 PM. Most of the passengers were families of military servicemen. Total of 93 dead bodies have been found and 12 are still missing according to the information from the Armed Forces.

The crash was the worst accident in aviation history of Myanmar. The second deadliest plane crash happened on October 11, 1987 and it took the life of all 49 people on board.